Presiding Bishop George Lucey Issues Three Pastoral Letters

The Most Reverend George R. Lucey, FCM

ANCC Presiding Bishop George R. Lucey, FCM, released three pastoral letters in May and June.

On May 5, the Bishop issued a letter calling for more vocations to meet the growing demands for ANCC parishes.

“I invite all persons in the American National Catholic Church (ANCC) to pray that God might help them fulfill the vocation to which God calls them. As Vatican Council-II reminded us, the fostering of vocations is a task of the entire Christian community, exercised above all by the cultivation of a fully Christian life.”

On June 5, Bishop Lucey issued a response to President Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accord on Climate.

“The American National Catholic Church joins all people of good will throughout the world in the fervent hope that the current President will awaken to the obligation, born of love for the Creator and creation, to cherish and protect the environment.”

On June 24, Presiding Bishop Lucey released a response to a Roman Catholic bishop’s barring of same-gender couples from the sacraments.

“We in the American National Catholic Church (ANCC) reject completely the idea that Holy Mother Church, founded from the blood and water flowing from the side of Christ, would ever deny her children the comfort and succor of Christ’s presence in the sacramental life of the Church.”

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