Sing to Me

Dan Miller-Gartner

At the end of the path

Through the cedar

And past the birch

Down where the Cut River

Meets Lake Michigan

I sat under the crabapple tree

In the white sand

Do you remember, Oh Lord?

You sang to me

This sweet, sweet song,

gently in my ear.

My heart danced

And the fear and anger in me

Their tethers on my soul cut free.

Drifted off toward the horizon.


The Autumn wind rolled

Off the lake and over me,

But I was in your warm embrace

Wrapped in that song

That lifted my spirit

And it danced in love.

I remember

Sing to me again, oh Lord,

Please, sing to me again.


David Miller-Gartner

St. Odilia ANCC (Fargo, ND)


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