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Welcome to the Pentecost 2017 double edition of The Call, the online magazine of the American National Catholic Church (ANCC)!

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Most of the articles in this issue are devoted, understandably enough, to Pentecost themes. But there’s also a piece, Fr. James Lehman’s, that offers an overview of the Independent Catholic Movement (ICM) and a reflection on succession in the ANCC. Now that we think of it, his piece surely is also Pentecostal, since the movement of the Church is prompted by the Holy Spirit.

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Contents of Volume 4, Number 2


Maureen Tauriello’s Liturgically Speaking Column: “Making Music, Praying Twice”

Fr. Jason Lody’s Franciscan Corner Column: “Pentecost 2017”

Deacon’s Corner Column: Pat Kane, “The Many Tongues of Pentecost”


Bishop George Lucey’s Pentecost Message: “Fellowship in the Holy Spirit”

Mother Phyllis McHugh’s Devotional: “A Reflection on Pentecost”

Dan Miller-Gartner: “Sing to Me”

Barbara Gimino: “Spirit of Love”

Gleanings: “Fiery Spirit!”, with Hildegard of Bingen, Cyril of Jerusalem, and Basil of Caesarea


Fr. John Bye-Torre: “The Touch: Receiving the Gifts of the Holy Spirit”

Fr. Vincent McTighe: “Is Diversity One of the Gifts of the Spirit?”

Fr. James Lehman: “The Independent Catholic Movement, ANCC, and Succession Planning”


Film Review: “Spirit Embraced in the Desert”

Book Review: “Spirit Rejected in Paris”






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The ANCC’s aim, in accordance with the example of Christ and His apostles, is:

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