Our Editorial Staff

To contact us with proposals or submissions, e-mail: kwalters@anccmail.org


Submission Guidelines

submissionsPlease submit all copy as a Word Document.

Text should be in Calibri (Body), 12 font.

Make sure that your “Line Spacing” and “Space Between Paragraphs” settings are set to “single” and “none.”

Indicate new paragraphs by spacing rather than indentation.

Left margin should be justified; right shouldn’t be.

Feature article submissions should generally be between 750-1,500 words, but shorter or longer ones will occasionally be considered.

News items should generally be under 350 words, but longer ones will occasionally be considered.

Book and film review proposals, rather than finished reviews, should be submitted for consideration.

Addresses of all internet links to persons, places, items, or events mentioned in your submissions should be included in your submission.